Space organizing In the modern house planning and functional zoning of premises is necessary. Design each room so that it will allow to perform all the functions intended for it - this is the main task of a designer.
Cosiness and comfort Create a unique style of the room, taking into account all the individual characteristics and wishes of the customer, his field of activity, members of his family... It is these criteria that designer takes into consideration when designing a comfortable interior.
Accomplishment Development and visualization of the architectural concept of residential and public facilities. External landscaping and gardening of the adjacent territory, landscape design.
Realizing a dream Author's supervision will make it possible to implement the project in strict accordance with the designer's plan, to optimize and solve all technical issues without changing the design concept.

Interior design

Designer: Irina Volotsky (Malakhov)



Style modern characterize the soft natural shades of materials, such as noble wood, glass, stone, marble, ceramics, expensive fabrics, combined with gold and silver. Curved lines, decor of flowers and plants patterns, stained-glass windows are used when decorating windows, doors, furniture, walls.

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About me

Interior design for me is not just a job, it's a way of life. Working on a new project, I put a little bit of myself into it. Personal touch will be noticeable to the professional, and for the customer it's a guarantee of the uniqueness of the design. In my work I study constantly.

Wherever I am, I'm looking for inspiration: whether it's a flower, a trace of rain on the window or a whiff of wind - all my impressions I try to use in my work. I work in different styles, I'm interested in everything. But I also have my own preferences: minimalism, modern, Hi-tech, loft, art deco.

Simplicity and naturalness with good taste - it's all me.